My Journey to Becoming a Bookkeeper

In the early 80s, while studying a Secretarial course at Tech college, I stumbled upon an opportunity that changed my trajectory. Responding to a local newspaper ad, I joined a garage as an Accounts Junior. Despite the competition, I landed the role and delved into the world of manual accounting, learning the ropes with ledgers and T accounts.

After a couple of years, promotions came my way, leading to my role as Accounts Supervisor. The transition to digital accounting followed, introducing us to software packages. Seeking new challenges after five years, I found myself at another garage, modernising their accounting practices during my 13-year tenure, eventually overseeing the sales department alongside the Sales Director. Feeling the need for a fresh challenge, I joined a foreign-owned company with a UK sales office. Managing UK operations and improving their international accounts system fueled my ambition. During quiet moments at work, I embarked on a journey to become a qualified bookkeeper, dedicating 2.5 years to coursework and
eventually obtaining the necessary qualifications. Realising the significance of software in modern bookkeeping, I pursued additional courses, mastering them in just a few months. Payroll was the next frontier, and after completing the course, I found immense satisfaction in untangling messy accounts
and presenting them in clear, organised reports. In 2006, I took the plunge and founded JTE Bookkeeping & Payroll Services. Seventeen years on, I am passionate about helping businesses grow by keeping their accounts in impeccable order. Join me on this journey, and let's build success together.